So, what exactly DO we do?

After a few conversations with our family members, we began to suspect that if we asked them to describe what we did for a living, they would have no idea—and a reel of wrong answers could bring a smile to agency folks worldwide.

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That’s a good question. I have no idea.

Account Manager’s Husband

To capture the most authentic responses, we needed the element of surprise. We formulated a plot to trick our families and friends into attending Dudnyk Day, an agency open house that gave us the perfect cover for luring them into the office. Then, during a family portrait sitting, we ambushed them with some on-camera questions. The resulting footage proved our theory: Our families have no clue what goes on in agency life.

Bonus Features

Family Sketchbook

Kids Share Career Goals


What would your families say if you asked them to describe your agency job?

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